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Transcript: Kyle Barry on getting into Yale Law

I began thinking about law school really as soon as I got to UVM. So I was planning my course of work around that pretty soon after I got here.  It was something I had begun talking to some professors about during my freshman year. And I had a couple of professors who had gone to law school and expressed an interest in helping students go down that path. And so I really started working with them during my first year.

So Yale was originally not on my list of school but a political science professor, Bob Taylor, who had been a mentor for me throughout my college career, thought that I had the record to get accepted and he thought that Yale would be a good fit for me and a place where I'd be particularly comfortable, so I ended up applying.

Yale Law is definitely a difficult school to get into just by virtue of its size. It's a very small school and very selective. I think at UVM I acquired a skill set in particularly writing skills studying philosophy and political science here that have helped me to become a successful candidate and to succeed in law school  and I think at UVM you're able to develop the kinds of personal relationships with professors that can really help develop skills as a student and a scholar and to understand what'd necessary to get into some of these higher ranked graduate schools.

I think a lot of my classes at UVM were more than just a class, more than just a lecture, they were an ongoing conversation about really interesting intellectual issues that I thought professors were very excited to talk to students both during and after class about subjects and via email whenever I would have an idea or something I wanted to talk about. And so it was really a more rigorous intellectual experience than just sitting and listening to people talk.

Through the course of my law school career and the beginning of my legal career, I've really come to view my undergraduate education as basically the foundation for all of my future learning and thinking and writing and I think that those are the kinds of skills you don't acquire as a graduate student you don't acquire in law school and I got them at the University of Vermont and that has really helped my professional career so far.

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