I am a student who is currently matriculated at another institution, have a documented disability and would like to set up accommodations at UVM for Summer Courses

As a student who is not yet familiar with ACCESS services, it will be important for you to understand that staffing is reduced in the summer months in ACCESS. However, all accommodations are equitable, reasonable and appropriate in comparison to those provided in the academic year. Additionally, our services, accommodations and systems may vary from your home institution.

Keep in mind that since Summer Semester Courses are accelerated, you will want to set up your accommodations as soon as possible. Communicating with ACCESS and your faculty member in a prompt manner is especially important since tests, quizzes, papers, etc. will happen early and much more frequently during Summer Semester.


1. Determine your eligibility in advance by submitting documentation to ACCESS

2. Await confirmation [via email from ACCESS to the email address you have provided UVM] of eligibility for ACCESS services and accommodations.

a. If eligible, you will receive information about how to contact your assigned Specialist in ACCESS

b. If not eligible, you will we afforded information about options for pursuing eligibility and/or other support services on/off campus

3. Contact your Specialist in ACCESS to get Accommodation Letters

a. If your class is online, your Specialist can work with your professor via email

4. Communicate, in advance, with your professors that you'll go to their Office Hours or make an appointment as soon as possible to discuss the accommodations recommended in your Accommodation Letters

a. If your class is online, communicate about accommodations with the professor via email or phone

5. At Office Hours/appointment with your professor, discuss and arrange accommodation logistics such as extended time for exams and/or notetaking, etc.

a. if your class is online, communicate about accommodations with the professor via email or phone

6. Check out the links related to Exam Proctoring, Notetaking, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, eBooks and Other Accommodations to find out how services are set up and provided during Summer Semesters at UVM.

a. If your class is online, most accommodations can be taken care of via email between your ACCESS Specialist, your professor and you

7. Follow up with your Specialist, ACCESS and your professor about how your accommodations are going and to gain support for your academics during Summer Semester.