I am a UVM student currently working with ACCESS taking courses at another institution this summer

As a student who is familiar with ACCESS services, it will be important for you to understand the possible variations to systems at other institutions.

Generally, if you are eligible for services with ACCESS at UVM, you will most likely be afforded equitable, reasonable and appropriate services elsewhere.

It is imperative to communicate in advance with the institution you’ll be taking courses with to request disability services and accommodations. Taking the step to communicate with the institution in advance will assist you in understanding what type of documentation they may require and what services and accommodations you may be eligible for.

Keep in mind that since summer classes tend to be accelerated, you will want to set up your accommodations as soon as possible. Communicating with the Disability Services Office at your summer institution and your faculty member in a prompt manner is especially important since tests, quizzes, papers etc. could happen much more frequently during summer courses.


1. Contact the Disability Services Office at the institution where you'll be taking summer courses.

a. Determine how to establish eligibility for services and accommodations

b. Request necessary documentation from ACCESS

i. You will need to sign a release for ACCESS to send your documentation to another institution or provide you with a copy for your records

ii. If necessary, request that your ACCESS Specialist write a letter to your summer institution's Disability Services Office to indicate the relevance of the services you are requesting for summer courses

2. Work with you summer institution's Disability Services Office to set up accommodations via the systems they use for such services

3. Follow up with your summer institutions's Disability Services Office and your professor about how your accommodations are going and to gain support for your academics during your summer courses.