Although the Notetaking Program does not function in the same way during summer months, ACCESS will work with students and their professors to arrange for a reasonable and appropriate notetaking accommodation to be supported.

Since Summer Semester courses are accelerated, it is essential to find a notetaker as soon as possible. If a notetaker is not found on the first day of class, contact ACCESS immediately.

In order to arrange Notetaking:

1. When working with your Specialist in ACCESS, ask for a Carbon Copy Notebook(s) for your course.

2. Talk with your professor about the recommended accommodations in your Accommodation Letter to arrange for a notetaker in class.

3.Give your professor the Carbon Copy Notebook and ask them to make an announcement in class to request a notetaker for ACCESS.

a. You can also opt to ask a peer yourself if this is comfortable for you

b. The Professor should check the notes to determine if they are comprehensive

4. If you are concerned about confidentiality, request that the notetaker give the professor a copy of the notes at the end of each class.

a. If you are working one on one with your notetaker, get the notes from the notetaker at the end of each class.

5. The Notetaker should contact ACCESS with the following information:

a. Name, Course Name and #, and their contact information

b. The Notetaker will be thanked via a gift card to the UVM Bookstore after the class is over!