Exam Proctoring

Although the Exam Proctoring Center [EPC] is closed in the summer months, ACCESS will work with students and their professors to arrange time, space and other accommodations that students are eligible for to the best of our ability.

1. Talk with your professor about the recommended accommodations in your Accommodation Letter.

2. Determine if the professor will proctor your exam or if you'll use the EPC.

3. if using the EPC, negotiate the day/time of your exam [must be during University hours - between 8-4:30 Monday-Friday].

4. If using the EPC, determine how the professor will get the exam to the EPC:

a. Professor can deliver the exam to ACCESS

b. Professor can email exam to access@uvm.edu - DO NOT email epc@uvm.edu - this account is not active in the summer

c. Professor can fax exam to 802-656-0739

5. Come to ACCESS in A170 Living & Learning during the University hours to set up your time, space and any other appropriate/reasonable accommodations related to your exam.

6. Remind professor of exam date/time and delivery method of exam to ACCESS.

7. Courtesy Exams during Summer for non-UVM students

a. The EPC will administer and proctor exams as a courtesy for other educational institutions or organizations as our schedule permits.

b. The EPC can administer computer-based, listening, and paper-based exams.

c. Exams will be administered according to the exam source's instructions and specifications.