Prospective Students at UVM and ACCESS

Prospective Students

We encourage prospective students to become familiar with ACCESS by browsing our web pages, visiting with ACCESS staff at Open Houses or other Admissions events, or if time permits, visiting ACCESS while on campus. You can arrange a visit with an ACCESS staff member by contacting us in advance.

If you are planning on applying to the Universtiy of Vermont, here are a few tips and things to think about in preparing your application

Eligibility for ACCESS services

There is no separate application process for ACCESS services. 

Though admissions officers may occasionally contact ACCESS with disability related questions about a student's application, ACCESS does not make a final determination of admission. If a student does not meet the admissions requirement for a foreign language, ACCESS would certify the foreign language waiver.

Documentation Guidelines that clarify what needs to be submitted

An IEP is not typially sufficient documentation to get services at college, an IEP can be a helpful planning tool, but isn't enough documentation to determine eligibility. Likewise, not having an IEP doesn't mean a student cannot get services; eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Admissions: Disclosure of a Disability

Many applicants with disabilities choose to discuss this aspect of their lives in admissions application essays, or it is sometimes apparent in other parts of the application packet. Information about a disability is always welcome as a way of explaining one's identity and life experiences, or to shed light on skills and aptitudes. Disclosing a disability will not negatively impact a student's standing in the applicant pool.

Disclosing a disability is voluntary. Applicants are not required to discuss or disclose disability information when they apply to receive accommodations; accommodations and services can still be requested by eligible admitted students at any point after they enroll at the University.

Foreign Language Waiver

If a student is eligible for a waiver of the foreign language requirement for admission, a student must submit documentation to the ACCESS office for review by one of our learning specialists. To initiate the foreign language waiver, please contact ACCESS.

Getting Oriented to UVM and ACCESS

  1. Set up an appointment:
  2. Submit documentation