Learning Disabilities [Examples include but are not limited to: reading/writing/mathematics disorders, LD NOS, dyslexia, processing disorder, etc. ]

Disability documentation for the purpose of providing accommodations may be helpful when it establishes disability and provides adequate information on the functional impact of the disability so that effective accommodations can be identified.
Some general guidelines for documentation:

The above guidelines for documentation can be submitted and supplemented in the following formats:
1. A psychoeducational evaluation of the learning disability/ies administered by a qualified professional. It may report subtest scores, standard scores, and percentile ranks, and include the following:

2. A letter from a qualified professional providing information of a prior diagnosis, accommodation, or classification, such as eligibility for a special education program.
Additionally, the following voluntary, supplemental information can also useful in planning for accommodations in coursework and study:

When in doubt, students are encouraged to contact ACCESS for guidance at 802-656-7753 or access@uvm.edu

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