Captioning videos and other classroom materials

ACCESS will caption most DVDs, VHS and web clips that are to be shown in class. Once the Support Services Coordinator has the student's schedule and a request from the student for captioned videos in class, the Support Services Coordinator will contact their professors for a list of videos to be shown in class. Please be sure to contact the Support Services Coordinator and request captioned videos for all of your classes.

In order to caption materials that are owned by UVM's libraries, the Support Services Coordinator needs to obtain permission from the film's producers. The Support Services Coordinator must then mail the video to a captioner  to have captions added to the film. This process can take several weeks. It is crucial that the student give the Support Services Coordinator his or her schedule as soon as possible so that the videos can be ready by the start of the semester.

If you attend class and a non-captioned film is shown, please contact the Support Services Coordinator as soon as possible. The Support Services Coordinator will then contact the professor to see if a captioned copy can be obtained and an extension can be given for any assignments directly related to the film.



If you attend or would like to attend an on campus event that will be showing a film, please email

If you are a professor or staff at UVM and need to have your media captioned, go to the Captioning Request Form


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