Interpreter Services

The University of Vermont is committed to providing excellent and timely interpreter services. Disability Services (ACCESS) is the department on campus that facilitates interpreter services for students who are enrolled at the University.

Interpreters are provided to students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing based on their documentation and determination by their ACCESS Specialist. UVM offers ASL interpreters, English Transliterators, Oral Interpreters and Deaf-Blind Interpreters. The student's specialist can help the student to determine which type of interpreter would best fit the student’s accommodation needs and class structure. ACCESS also provides interpreters for other academic related events (such as meetings with professors, group study, tutoring, and UVM sports) and for UVM sponsored events when requested.

To request Interpreters for non-classroom events – fill out the online interpreter request form.

To request Interpreters for the classroom or class related events:

1. Meet with your ACCESS Specialist

2. Fill out the accommodation request form online as soon as possible. Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing are given priority registration and encouraged to register during this time or as early as possible. It takes several weeks to locate and schedule interpreters for the semester.

3. Fill out the accommodation request form online IMMEDIATELY with changes in class schedule when you add a classwhen you drop a class. Please keep in mind that if you add or drop classes after classes have started, we may or may not be able to provide interpreters for the change in schedule (if interpreters are not available, alternative accommodations will be provided). Please try to determine your schedule prior to the beginning of the semester.

4. Fill out the online interpreter request form when an interpreter is needed for: additional class meetings, meetings with professors, exams, class field trips, study groups, supplemental instruction, review sessions, tutoring, etc.

5. Email if there is no interpreter present when requested or you or your professor have issues with an interpreter.

6. The student will be notified of any absences or substitution of services when necessary.

7. Email if you know in advance if you will not be attending class or if there has been a room change.

8. For no shows, please click here: No Shows