Event Captioning and Interpreters


The University of Vermont can provide real time captioning for UVM sponsored events.  Real time captioning allows the individual to view what is being said on a screen or laptop (similar to captions on TV). 

ASL interpreters are also provided for many UVM sponsored events. It is the responsibility of the student to contact ACCESS to request accommodations for an event. If you prefer a different type of interpreter such as an English Transliterator or an Oral Interpreter, please email asl@uvm.edu.

Captioning and interpreters are generally provided for the events listed below. Students are encouraged to contact asl@uvm.edu to confirm their attendance and request other accommodations if needed (FM/assistive listening device, preferential seating).

If you are interested in setting up captioning and/or interpreters for your event, please contact asl@uvm.edu at least two weeks in advance.