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Priority Registration


Planning ahead enables you to design a schedule that takes your disability into account.

General Information

ACCESS partners with the Registrar in order to provide a service to students with disabilities that can assist with registration, Priority Registration.

ACCESS has set criteria and procedures regarding Priority Registration.

Priority Registration service is not an entitlement but something that some active students may be eligible for.

One of the simplest portions of the criteria is that students need to be active with ACCESS.

ACCESS respects and understands why students may choose not to be active in a particular semester and believes it is the prerogative of a student to make choices around being involved in Disability Services while attending UVM.

ACCESS can work with students with disabilities by providing disability-specific advising around course selection as it relates to use of accommodations, etc. We hope that this may be a resource taken into consideration when finalizing a course schedule prior to registration.


In the fall of 2010, the Student Government Association and the Provost created action around a Resolution. This Resolution instituted a system for Priority Registration and how it will be provided at UVM to some groups.

ACCESS is one of the groups able to grant Priority Registration. Based on the Resolution, procedures were enacted in the spring of 2011. The Priority Registration system has two types:

  • First Day – Student is given ability to register on the first day of registration
  • In Class – Student is given ability to register at the beginning of the day on their class  registration date [i.e. First Year, Sophomore, Junior, Senior]

Each semester, ACCESS Specialists will determine which students are eligible for Priority Registration and which type of Priority Registration is appropriate. This determination will be made using criteria based on documentation of disability as it relates to need to register early and whether or not a student is active with ACCESS.

A process will be undertaken several weeks prior to registration period to inform students [via the ACCESS listserv] what they need to do to check their registration status. Students will also be invited to meet with their Specialist to schedule a meeting to receive disability-specific advising at this time.


Details and Student To Do’s

  • Begin searching for courses you want/need to take on the Registrar’s page, Semester [Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer] Schedule of Courses:
  • Meet with your academic advisor. If you are unsure who your advisor is, contact your Dean’s Office Student Services Office.

  • You can work together with an academic advisor to develop a schedule that fits your academic goals by discussing your major/minor, requirements, options, and by asking questions/bringing forth concerns you may have.
  • After you meet with your academic advisor, you may choose to contact your ACCESS Specialist to discuss how your schedule intersects with your disability and how your course selection may impact the accommodations you request in the upcoming semester.
    • Note: Some accommodations will take the entirety of winter/summer break to set up – if this is the case for any of the accommodations you plan on requesting, be in touch with your Specialist sooner rather than later. Call 802-656-7753 to set up an appointment with your Specialist.
  • Run a CATS Report

  • Check your Registration Status


Checking Registration Status

1) Follow the link and log into myUVM -

2) Click on the "Registrar" tab.

myuvm, registrar tab circled to indicate clicking


3) Click the "Check Registration Status" option under the Your Courses sub menu.

arrows pointing to "check registration status" link under the "your courses" sub menu


4) Select the appropriate term in the drop-down menu. Then click the "Submit"button.

arrow pointing to ":select a term" drop down box.


5) You are now on the Check Your Registration Status Page

  • For students with First Day Priority Registration – 7 AM on the first day of the registration schedule

  • For students with In Class Priority Registration – 6:30 AM on the day of your class/credit status

arrow pointing to section with "your time slots for registration are as follows"



      • This page displays your registration time slot, as well as various items which may affect your registration: holds, academic standing, student status, class standing etc.
      • If you have ANY holds, contact the registrar's office. ACCESS CANNOT RELEASE HOLDS ON YOUR ACCOUNT
      • If you do not know your User ID and/or password, or are having difficulty navigating through this process to determine your Registration Status, contact the Registrar's Office: 802-656-2045
      • If you have received Priority Registration, you may have two dates listed.
    • Use the schedule on the following page for more information:

If you have questions or concerns about any of the above, please contact your Specialist in ACCESS.

Best wishes in planning and scheduling a successful course load for next semester!


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