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Consequences of Scheduling Late at the Exam Proctoring Center

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Due to the numerous violations of Exam Proctoring Center [EPC] procedures last semester, ACCESS is providing you with this important notification.

Your responsibilities in working with the EPC:

  • Schedule your exams in advance and within the timelines
    • 1 week for regular semester exams and quizzes
    • 2 weeks for finals
      • Schedule all of your exams, quizzes and finals at the beginning of the semester
      • Request assistance from your Specialist at ACCESS if/as needed
  • Understand that the EPC coordinates many resources in order to provide accommodations and needs lead time to ensure appropriate space, time, staffing and equipment.
  • Realize if you do not schedule an exam within the timelines, you will be forfeiting your ability to take that exam at the EPC  
    • If you do not schedule within the timelines set by the EPC, you will be required to meet with your Specialist in ACCESS prior to resuming the option of scheduling exams at the EPC. Your Specialist will provide training and support around scheduling your exams reasonably and appropriately.

 ACCESS and the EPC work together to create systems and procedures that:

  • Provide accommodations to students with disabilities
  • Run smoothly
  • Support the role of faculty in utilizing the EPC
  • Are assessed annually
  • Are determined to be reasonable and appropriate

We would like for you to have a successful experience in utilizing the service of the EPC and would like to support you in your scheduling efforts.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the above, please contact your Specialist in ACCESS.

Wishing you a successful semester,


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