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Chronic Health Disabilities

Chronic Health Disabilities

Documenting Chronic Health Disabilities

ACCESS, the Office of Disability Services, strives to insure that qualified students with chronic health conditions are accommodated as needed. ACCESS does not modify requirements that are essential to the program of instruction or provide accommodations for persons whose impairments do not substantially limit one or more major life function.

ACCESS has created the Chronic Health Disability Verification Form to allow us to achieve these goals.  Students who wish to receive academic adjustments due to a chronic health condition need to have this form filled out by a qualified health care provider, which may be a certified physician, other diagnosing medical professional, or specialist (such as, but not limited to: an MD, audiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist).   The individual completing this form must have first-hand knowledge of the student's condition, should have and will be an impartial professional who is not related to the student. 

ACCESS makes the determination of reasonable and appropriate accommodations even though the requested form may include recommendations for accommodations.
If questions arise, students are encouraged to contact ACCESS for guidance at 802-656-7753 or

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