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Learning Disabilities Document Guidelines for ACCESS

Learning Disabilities

Documenting Learning Disabilities

We encourage students who think they may qualify for disability services to make an appointment with SAS, the Office of Disability Services, by calling 802-656-7753 or by emailing . It is helpful if students send their documentation to SAS prior to their appointment

An interview with an SAS staff member is an important part of the process for determining if a student has a disability and what accommodations are reasonable and appropriate.  SAS staff members use both documentation and the student interview to make a final determination regarding eligibility for accommodations. Generally, staff will look for the following:

  • Tests should be administered by certified/licensed professionals e.g., psychologists, neuropsychologists, educational diagnosticians, etc.
  • The report should address aptitude, academic achievement, and information processing as well as include names, titles, signatures of evaluators, and dates of assessment.

Other information that can be helpful includes:

  • A letter from a qualified professional providing information of a prior diagnosis, accommodation, or classification, such as eligibility for a special education program.
  • The most recent Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • A Summary of Performance (SOP)
  • Section 504 Accommodation Plan (504)
SAS makes the determination of reasonable and appropriate accommodations even though reports may include recommendations for accommodations.

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