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SPAN 143 – Spain: Diversity & Expansion

Credits: 3.00

Course Description: An introductory literature course; students will read and analyze texts associated with the diverse cultures of Spain as it began the period of colonial expansion. Prerequisite: SPAN 140.

Section Description: From 711-1492 was a culturally diverse place that created a flourishing of culture and thought. After 1492 Spain embarked upon an adventure that caused a paradigmatic shift in the world system due to its encounter with the indigenous cultures and peoples of what is now known as America. This course will allow the student the opportunity to learn more about this rich cultural period and contemplate how it still shapes much of what we do, think, and experience today.

CRN: 92774

Section: A

Enrolled/Seats: 27/25

Days Time Location
MWF 10:50 - 11:40 COHEN HALL 107

Instructor(s): John Vincent Waldron

Meeting Dates: 26 Aug 2019 - 06 Dec 2019