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NFS 223 – Nutrition Educ & Counseling

Credits: 3.00

Course Description: Use of appropriate education theory, techniques, and media in nutrition education and counseling theories and negotiation, interviewing and counseling skills in individual and group counseling. Pre/co-requisites: NFS Pre/co-requisites: NFS 043, NFS 053, NFS 054, NFS 143.

Section Description: This course will increase and refine the student's pre-professional experience in helping people change their eating habits for improving their health and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. By the end of this course, students will be able to: 1. List, define and explain the appropriate uses of Scope of Dietetics Practice Framework, as well as behavior/cognitive change and learning theories, strategies, and methods associated with nutrition education and counseling. 
 2. Create multiple approaches to nutrition counseling showcasing your ability to assess and diagnose a client’s nutrition-related problem; develop an initial intervention and monitoring plan with that person. 
 3. Improve their capacity to form appropriate educational objectives, lesson planning, presentation, and evaluation of evidence based-nutrition curriculum. 
 4. Increase their professional and technical writing skills including peer-review in the area of nutrition counseling and education. 5. Increase their professional, cultural competency to serve the diverse client and population groups better. 6. Further develop their application of nutrition assessment, monitoring, evaluation, and diagnostic terminology

CRN: 90011

Section: A

Enrolled/Seats: 65/65

Days Time Location
MWF 10:50 - 11:40 L/L COMMONS 216

Instructor(s): Farryl MacKenna Witten Bertmann

Meeting Dates: 28 Aug 2017 - 08 Dec 2017