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EDML 270 – Middle School Org & Pedagogy

Credits: 3.00 to 6.00

Course Description: Focuses on exploring theory and practice in responsive school organization for young adolescents, including interdisciplinary/partner teaming, block scheduling, and teacher advisories, as well as teaching lessons in one area of specialization. Pre/co-requisite: EDML 260, EDML 261.

Section Description: Contemporary middle level schools are structured specifically to respond to the unique nature of young adolescents. This course explores these structures in relation to middle schoolers’ developmental needs. Topics include teaming, grouping, scheduling, transition planning, and family involvement. Course participants are placed on simulated interdisciplinary teams and experience the many decisions required to function effectively as a 21st century middle grades teacher. As a result of this component of the block, students will demonstrate: Growing skill in functioning effectively as a member of an interdisciplinary team and as an advocate for young adolescents. Knowledge of specialized professional techniques and structures associated with the middle school concept, including interdisciplinary and partner team organization, teacher-based guidance and teacher advisory, grouping strategies, scheduling options, and transition planning. Knowledge of how to establish and maintain positive and productive relationships with families and the community. Understanding of the techniques required to create an environment that encourages each student to become aware of himself/herself, to develop ability to express, understand and control her/his feelings; develop sense of trust and independence.

CRN: 94330

Section: A

Enrolled/Seats: 11/12

Days Time Location
T 16:00 - 18:45 WATERMAN BLDG 419

Instructor(s): Penny Anne Bishop

Meeting Dates: 29 Aug 2011 - 07 Dec 2011