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Subject: Statistics

STAT 051 - QR:Probability With Statistics

Introduction to probabilistic and statistical reasoning, including probability distribution models and applications to current scientific/social issues. Roles of probability, study design, and exploratory/confirmatory data analysis. Prerequisite: Two years high school algebra. No credit for Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors in the mathematical and engineering sciences.

STAT 087 - QR: Intro to Data Science

Basic techniques of data harvesting and cleaning; association rules, classification and clustering; analyze, manipulate, and visualize data using programming languages. Basic principles of probability and statistical modeling/inference to make meaning out of large datasets. Cross-listed with: CS 087.

STAT 095 - Special Topics

Lectures, reports, and directed readings at an introductory level. Prerequisite: As listed in schedule of courses.

STAT 111 - Elements of Statistics

Basic statistical concepts, methods, and applications, including correlation, regression, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests. Prerequisites: Two years of high school algebra; Sophomore standing.

STAT 011 - Intro to Stats via Microcomp

Various study designs considered. Graphical and analytic techniques for presenting results. Wide variety of applications surveyed. PC-based software used. Experience gained in sample survey work. Prerequisite: High school algebra.