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Subject: Computer Science

CS 006 - Exploring Cybersecurity

Fundamental concepts and tools utilized by cybersecurity professionals to assess and detect software and network vulnerabilities; best practices in physical and data security through the use of appropriate risk management methodologies. No credit if taken after CS 166 or 266.

CS 008 - QR: Intro to Web Site Dev

Provides a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, images, beginning web programming, and web design so that the student can create a complete functional web site.

CS 005 - Introductory Special Topics

Prerequisite: Instructor permission. Hours variable. May not be taken for credit after any Computer Science course numbered CS 016 or higher.

CS 014 - Visual Basic Programming

Introduction to Microsoft's rapid development environment. Create playful and relevant Windows applications.

CS 002 - MS Office: Beyond the Basics

Word documents looking dull? Excel charts lacking something? PowerPoint slides fizzling? All this and more is covered. Learn more than just the basics.

CS 016 - Prog MATLAB Engineers&Science

Problem solving, computer programming, and the use of standard numerical methods, visualization and systems thinking in the context of engineering and scientific applications using MATLAB. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in Math 20 or 22.