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Subject: Animal Science

ASCI 001 - Introductory Animal Sciences

An overview of the genetics, nutrition, reproduction, and management of livestock and recreation species; introduction to animal behavior, animal disease, and biotechnology. Prerequisite: Animal Science major or Instructor permission.

ASCI 005 - Intro to the Horse

Starting with evolution and domestication and progressing to current breeds, colors, uses, health, and management of horses, students gain a basic understanding of one of our most beloved domestic animals. No prior horse experience or knowledge is required.

ASCI 006 - Companion Animal Care & Mgmt

Scientific principles of nutrition, breeding selection, health, management practices, pet therapy, and animal bonding. Primary emphasis on cat and dog.

ASCI 021 - Horse Barn Cooperative

Develops skills in the practical aspects of equine management of individual horses and horses maintained in a group setting using hands-on experiences and peer teaching. Students care for their own horse or an Animal Science horse. Prerequisites: For students currently accepted into the UVM Horse Barn Cooperative Program or currently enrolled in ASCI 121; Instructor permission.

ASCI 097 - Introductory Special Topics

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ASCI 108 - Equine Enterprise Management

Provides guidelines for understanding risks, liabilities and other pertinent topics necessary for running a successful equine-related business. Prerequisite: ASCI 001.

ASCI 110 - Animal Nutrit, Metab & Feeding

Principles of meeting the nutrient requirements of animals, especially as they relate to the practical problems of formulation and production systems. Prerequisite: Minimum Sophomore standing.

ASCI 098 - Introductory Special Topics

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ASCI 043 - Fundamentals of Nutrition

Comprehensive study of specific nutrients in terms of their availability, function, and utilization in mammalian species. Prerequisites: High school chemistry and biology.

ASCI 004 - Dairy Cattle Judging

Principles of dairy cattle judging demonstrated and practiced using live animals.

ASCI 115 - Introduction to Equine Studies

Overview of the scientific and practical application of equine management and selection principles. Housing, nutrition, herd health, reproduction, and career opportunities.