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Subject: Anatomy & Neurobiology

ANNB 197 - Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate student work on individual or small team research projects under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Prerequisite: Department Permission.

ANNB 261 - Neurobiology

Focus on molecular and cellular aspects of the nervous system. Electrical signaling, synaptic transmission, signal transduction, neural development, plasticity, and diseases. Prerequisite: BIOL 103 or ANPS 019 & ANPS 020. Cross-listed with: BIOL 261.

ANNB 201 - Human Gross Anatomy

Lectures and detailed regional cadaver dissections emphasize functional anatomy of major systems (e.g. musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, nervous). Required of Physical Therapy students; others with Department permission.

ANNB 198 - Undergrad Research

Individual laboratory research under guidance of faculty member. Prerequisite: Department permission.

ANNB 225 - Human Neuroanatomy

Functional anatomy of the human nervous system and its cells. Focus on both peripheral and central nervous system. Lectures and laboratory (gross and microscopic anatomy). Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor.

ANNB 302 - Neuroscience

This course examines the structure and functions of the human nervous system, provides laboratory experience with dissected specimens and incorporates clinical information. Prerequisites: Open to Graduate students in Physical Therapy and others with Instructor permission.

ANNB 326 - Basic Sci-Neurologic Disease

In-depth examination of basic mechanisms and clinical aspects of one neurological disease per year. Disease examined changes every year. Prerequisites: Advanced Graduate students, neuroscience faculty and residents in neurology, neurosurgery and psychology. Others contact Dr. Eckenstein at 656-4536.

ANNB 327 - Resp Conduct in Biomed Rscrch

Topics in Scientific Integrity surrounding responsible conduct and practices in biomedical research. Prerequisites: Advanced Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and assistant professors in the biological or biomedical sciences.

ANNB 329 - Topics in Excitable Membranes

This course is a graduate course designed to introduce the fundamentals of cellular electrophysiology through independent student reading and faculty-led group discussions of journal articles. Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor.

ANNB 330 - Comparative Neurobiology

This course is designed to introduce students to the cellular mechanisms that underlie selective motor and sensory abilities that have evolved in various species. Pre/co-requisite: Permission of the Instructor.

ANNB 382 - Sem in Anatomy & Neurobiology

Research presentations and critical review of the literature in various areas of anatomical and neurobiological sciences.

ANNB 323 - Neurochemistry

Biochemistry of the nervous system. Topics include ion channels, synaptic function, neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, signal transduction, and hormones in brain function. Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor.

ANNB 381 - Sem in Anatomy & Neurobiology

Research presentations and critical review of the literature in various areas of anatomical and neurobiological sciences.

ANNB 295 - Special Topics

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles. Undergraduate only.

ANNB 328 - Techniques in Microscopy

Topics shall include practical background in microscopy, including brightfield, epifluorescence, confocal, multi-photon, deconvolution, atomic force and electron microscopy. Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor.

ANNB 320 - Developmental Neurobiology

Provides fundamental knowledge of cell-to-cell interactions necessary for proper development and organization of the nervous system. Topics include pattern formation, neuronal differentiation, axon guidance, and target interactions. Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor. Alternate years.

ANNB 301 - Medical Gross Anatomy

This course includes a complete cadaver dissection by all students and evaluation in embryology as required. Emphasis is placed on individualized laboratory instruction. Prerequisite: Current Medical, Osteopathic, Podiatric and Dental students or Instructor permission.

ANNB 342 - Spec Dissections in Gross Anat

A detailed and independent study of a single anatomical region, utilizing gross, microscopic, and embryologic materials. Prerequisite: 301.

ANNB 395 - Special Topics

A supplementary course to the medical neuroscience course (Neuroscience 302) designed for graduate students which will provide more detailed information concerning selected topics in neurobiology. Prerequisite: Neuroscience 302.

ANNB 202 - Human Neuroscience

Structural basis of human nervous system function: spinal reflex organization, sensory/motor systems, clinical examples, brain dissection, cell biology of neurons & glia, membrane excitability, & synaptic transmission.

ANNB 306 - Techniques in Neurobiology

Discussion, demonstration of techniques used to study the nervous system. Experience with light, fluorescence, electron microscopy; microsurgical procedures; electrophysiological stimulating, recording techniques; neuronal tracing techniques. Prerequisite: Neuroscience 302.

ANNB 311 - Medical Histology

Microscopic study of cells, tissues, and organs emphasizing the correlation of structure and function.