University of Vermont

UVM Course Directory

Term: Fall 2019

Subject: World Literature

WLIT 017 - German Lit in Translation

Selected topics in German literature. Individual courses might focus on particular genres (e.g. the German film, Proverbs), literary movements (e.g. German Romanticism), or periods (e.g. Enlightenment, Holocaust).

WLIT 042 - Mythology

Greek myth in literature, art, and music from antiquity to modern times. Cross-listed with CLAS 042.

WLIT 095 - Special Topics

Special topics in literary studies. Individual courses might include comparative study of particular literary genres, periods, authors or works from varied international literatures.

WLIT 116 - D1:Latino Writers US:Cont Pers

Study of texts written by Latinos since the 1960s. Topics: construction of "ethnic identities," representation of race/gender relations; writers and their communities. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

WLIT 117 - German Lit in Translation

Topics such as German author(s), genre, literary movement, or theme such as Goethe, proverbs, Expressionism, Faust, Holocaust, or the German film. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.