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Term: Fall 2019

Subject: Social Work

SWSS 002 - Foundations of Social Work

An introduction to the profession of social work, its functions, values, knowledge, and the problems it addresses. Methods include: speakers from human service organizations, case examples, a field trip and unique final exam using a community experience and reflection.

SWSS 009 - Soc Just, Pov, & Inequ in Amer

Designed to provide an exploration of the social construction of poverty and the discourses and practices that surround it, in both popular and academic work, and the impact of that construction on the lives of those who experience poverty, as well.

SWSS 060 - D1:Racism & Contemporary Issue

Study of perception, conceptualization, and comprehension of racism. Strategies, techniques, and procedures to identify and decrease many facets of racism.

SWSS 147 - D2: Theories in Social Work I

Critical examination of traditional and contemporary theories of social work and human behavior and their application in generalist direct practice social work. Prerequisites: SWSS 002.

SWSS 164 - Intro Social Work Research

Introduction to models and methods of social research from a social work perspective. Prerequisite: SWSS 002.

SWSS 165 - Iss & Pol in Social Welfare I

An introduction to economic, political, historical, and social forces that influence the development and implementation of social welfare policy. Prerequisite: SWSS 002.

SWSS 168 - Social Work Practice I

Social work theory and practice methods employed by social workers in providing services to individuals, families, and small groups. Prerequisite: Senior standing. Co-requisites: SWSS 171, SWSS 173.

SWSS 171 - Field Experience Seminar I

Weekly integrative seminar; discussion of practice within field agency. Co-requisites: SWSS 168, SWSS 173.

SWSS 173 - Field Experience I

Supervised field-based learning of 15-20 hours per week. Students are placed in human service agencies and organizations and learn the application of social work, theory, ethics and skills. Prerequisite: Senior standing. Co-requisites: SWSS 168, SWSS 171.

SWSS 189 - Teaching Assistantship

Undergraduate student service as a teaching assistant, usually in an introductory level course in the discipline, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.

SWSS 200 - Contemporary Issues

Content and structure may accommodate special issues not especially appropriate within the boundaries of an existing course. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission.

SWSS 212 - Social Work Practice I

A comprehensive introduction to concepts and skills employed by social workers in interactions and interventions with individuals, families, and groups is provided. Prerequisite: MSW standing; or Instructor permission.

SWSS 216 - Th Found of Hum Beh&Soc Envr I

This course introduces students to the biological, psychological, cultural/social, and economic forces that influence human behavior and their implication for social work practice. Prerequisite: MSW standing; or Instructor permission.

SWSS 220 - Soc Welfare Pol & Services I

An introduction to history and philosophy of social work and social welfare and the structure of service programs is provided. Prerequisite: MSW standing or Instructor permission.

SWSS 224 - Child Abuse & Neglect

An MSW foundation elective that considers child abuse and neglect from historical, cultural, sociopolitical and psychological perspectives and examines professional social work responses to them. Prerequisite: Matriculation in the foundation year of Graduate study in Social Work; or Instructor permission.

SWSS 290 - Foundation Yr Field Practicum

Supervised field-based learning of 15-20 hours per week. Students are placed in human service agencies and organizations and learn the purposeful application of generalist social work theory, ethics, and skills. Prerequisite: Permission of Coordinator of Field Education.

SWSS 314 - Transformative Social Work I

Advanced practice in transformative social work will focus on developing relational, profound, and generative meanings for change across populations, fields of practice and social issues. Prerequisite: Completion of Foundation Year.

SWSS 327 - Adv Social Work Research

An analysis of social work research from methodological and theoretical perspectives is emphasized. The application of research to the student's concentration area is required. Prerequisites: Completion of SWSS 227; a basic statistics course; MSW advanced standing; or Instructor permission.

SWSS 340 - Trans. Change in SW Orgs

This course prepares social workers to lead transformative organizational change; change that reorients the way the organization functions through critical questioning of standing organizational discourse and practices. Topics include: futures research, change models, constructivist approaches, & social inequity and difference. Prerequisites: Completion of first year of the MSW program or Advanced Standing status in the MSW program.

SWSS 380 - Prof Issues in Social Work

Designed to cover selected social work issues in depth. Major emphasis on intensive and critical analysis of the literature and practice in a given area. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission.

SWSS 390 - Concentration Yr Fld Practicum

Supervised field-based learning of 15-20 hours per week. Students are placed in human service agencies and organizations and apply advanced social work practice related to an area of concentration. Prerequisite: Completion of all Foundation Year Graduate Level Coursework; permission of Field Education Coordinator.

SWSS 397 - Independent Study

Individual work on Social Work issue(s) selected by the student in consultation with a faculty member. Prerequisite: Instructor permission required.