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Term: Spring 2018

Subject: Russian

RUSS 002 - Elementary Russian

An introduction to all aspects of contemporary standard Russian: speaking, listening, reading, writing. Cultural components include topics such as music, art, literature, and current events. Prerequisite: RUSS 001 or equivalent.

RUSS 052 - Intermediate Russian

Continued practical work in all language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing), with more analysis of the structure of Russian. Continuation of cultural components. Prerequisite: RUSS 051.

RUSS 096 - Introductory Special Topics

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.

RUSS 101 - Phonology

Practical work on Russian intonation, element order, and phonetics, using primarily Russian materials. Classroom and language laboratory work. May be taken together with RUSS 052. Prerequisite: RUSS 052 or concurrent enrollment in RUSS 052.

RUSS 198 - Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate student work on individual or small team research projects under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.

RUSS 202 - Survey 20th Century Russ Lit

Readings and discussions about Russian literature from the rise of modernism to present. Particular attention to function of literature in Soviet society. Prerequisite: RUSS 052. WLIT 118 recommended.

RUSS 222 - Cult & Civ in the 20th Century

Social, cultural, and political institutions from the 1905 revolution to the present. Particular attention to tensions between official and unofficial culture during the Soviet period. Prerequisite: RUSS 052.