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Term: Fall 2019

Subject: Religion

REL 020 - D2: Comparing Religions

Comparison of diverse practices and beliefs from selected religious traditions and cultures.

REL 021 - D2: Religions in Asia

Study of the Hindu, Buddhist, and East Asian religious traditions as expressed in their basic symbolisms, writings, practices, and cultural forms.

REL 023 - D2: What is the Bible?

An introduction to the study of religion through an examination of the creation of biblical and related texts of ancient Babylon, Israel, and the early Christian movement. Investigate their diverse religious practices and our own assumptions about unfamiliar cultures.

REL 027 - Integrated Humanities

Study of religious and philosophical thought in Western culture from Hebraic and Greek antiquity to present. Co-requisites: Concurrent enrollment in the Integrated Humanities Program, ENGS 027, HST 013.

REL 029 - D2:Religion and Globalization

Study of the global dimensions of religion, including the impact of globalization on religious communities, and the effect of religious movements on global processes.

REL 031 - D2: Introducing Hinduism

Introduction to some of 
the major topics and themes in Hindu religious traditions, tracing their development from Vedic times to the
 present day.

REL 050 - Introduction to Jewish Studies

An introduction to Jewish history, religious thought and practice, ethics, and law. Cross-listed with: JS 050.

REL 095 - Intro Special Topics

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.

REL 100 - Interpretation of Religion

Examination of major theories and methods used in studying and interpreting religious phenomena. Prerequisite: Three hours in Religion.

REL 104 - Mysticism,Shamanism & Possessn

Comparative study of ways in which the inward dimension of religious life finds expression. Prerequisite: Three hours in Religion.

REL 125 - Women in Christianity to 1500

Women's roles in early and medieval Christianity, including women's religious orders, religious identities, mystical writings devotional practices, and their relationships to structures of ecclesiastical authority. Prerequisite: Three hours in Religion. Cross-listed with: GSWS 114.

REL 133 - D2: Islam and Modernity

An exploration of Muslims' responses to various challenges in the modern era. Examines the ways in which religious actors shaped and altered religious ideals, identities, and ideologies via theoretical texts and case studies. Prerequisites: Three hours in Religion.

REL 180 - Moral&Rel Persp on Holocaust

A study of the Holocaust in relation to questions of moral responsibility, justice, guilt, and human suffering, focusing on Jewish responses. Prerequisite: Three hours in Religion or Instructor permission. Cross-listed with: HS 180.

REL 190 - Teaching Assistantship

Undergraduate student service as a teaching assistant, usually in an introductory level course in the discipline, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.

REL 197 - Independent Study

A course which is tailored to fit the interests of a specific student, which occurs outside the traditional classroom/laboratory setting under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.

REL 202 - Research in Religion Practicum

Research practicum taken concurrently with a 200-level seminar in the Religion Department. It is designed to support Religion majors in their development of effective research and writing skills as part of their work in the major. Prerequisites: Religion major; Junior/Senior standing. Co-requisite: Concurrent enrollment in a three-credit Religion 200-level course.

REL 255 - Religion, Nation, and State

Exploration of religion in the public life of the modern nation-state. Focusing on the relationship of nationalism and religion, examines how religion is both a source of mobilization by the state and a means of resistance to it. Prerequisite: 9 credit hours in Religion.