University of Vermont

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Term: Fall 2019

Subject: Radiation Therapy

RADT 173 - Intro to Clinical Practice

Introduction to the clinical environment through activities which include patient care issues, treatment unit operations and manipulations and direct patient case. Includes a clinical practicum. Pre-requisite: RADT 152.

RADT 223 - Clinical Practicum III

A continuation of RADT 174 emphasizing increasing clinical capabilities. Prerequisite: RADT 174.

RADT 270 - Dosimetry Concepts

This course introduces students to dosimetry, treatment planning and quality assurance concepts to prepare for clinical Dosimetry rotations. Pre/co-requisites: MLRS 140, MLRS 141, MLRS 175, MLRS 215; RADT 174, RADT 176.

RADT 277 - Techniques Radiation Therapy

Instructs students in advanced theory and clinical application of radiotherapeutic techniques. Radiation Therapy majors only. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in RADT 223 and RADT 275.