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Term: Spring 2018

Subject: Professional Nursing

PRNU 111 - Research in Nursing

Provides an introduction to nursing research and its relationship to nursing theory and practice. Knowledge and skills essential for the critique and utilization of nursing research are presented. Prerequisites: PRNU 110, STAT 111 or STAT 141.

PRNU 113 - Health Assessment

Through classroom and laboratory experiences, students learn to holistically assess and differentiate healthy from at-risk or altered findings of clients in a variety of settings. Prerequisites: ANPS 019, NFS 043, HDFS 005, PRNU 110. Pre/co-requisites: PRNU 111, PRNU 114, ANPS 020, MMG 065, MMG 101 or MLRS 054, MLRS 056.

PRNU 114 - Intro to Clinical Practice

Introduces students to the application of nursing knowledge to address basic human health problems. Course objectives are applied through supervised experiences in selected settings. Pre/co-requisite: PRNU 113.

PRNU 131 - Health Alterations

Focus on the human experience of alterations in health for individuals and their families. Content addresses individual and family responses to disease processes from a holistic perspective. Prerequisites: PRNU 121, PRNU 128, NURS 120.

PRNU 132 - Child & Adoles Nurs:Thry & Ptm

Through classroom and practicum, students learn essential nursing interventions for children/adolescents/ families experiencing health alterations. Prerequisites: PRNU 128, PRNU 129, NURS 120. Pre/co-requisite: PRNU 131.

PRNU 134 - Adlt Hlth Nursing I Thry & Ptm

Through classroom and practicum, students learn essential interventions for adults/elders/families experiencing health alterations. Prerequisites: NURS 120, PRNU 121, PRNU 128. Pre/co-requisite: PRNU 131.

PRNU 197 - Independent Study

A course which is tailored to fit the interests of a specific student, which occurs outside the traditional classroom/laboratory setting under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion. Prerequisite: Agreement from a faculty sponsor and approval by the Baccalaureate Education Committee.

PRNU 231 - Chronic & Palliative Care Nurs

Nursing care of clients experiencing complex alterations in health related to the human experience of chronic illness and end of life issues. Prerequisite: PRNU 131.

PRNU 235 - Psych/MH Nurs: Thry & Ptm

Through classroom and practicum experience students learn essential nursing interventions for clients with acute and chronic psychiatric disorders. Prerequisite: PSYS 170. Corequisite: PRNU 131.

PRNU 240 - Iss & Ldrs Prf Nurs Thr & Ptm

Focuses on issues in health care as they relate to the leadership and management roles of the professional nurse. Practicum focuses on caring for clients in an identified clinical specialty. Prerequisite: PRNU 234. Co-requisite: PRNU 241.

PRNU 243 - Transition to Prof Practice

This seminar is designed to provide practical guidance and strategies for success in the transition from the student role to the professional nursing role. Prerequisites: PRNU 234. Co-requisites: PRNU 240, PRNU 241.

PRNU 246 - Prac Public Health Nursing

Students will be engaged in a community-based project with a community partner (collaboration, coalition, network, and agency) and will work in collaboration with professionals in a variety of settings. Prerequisites: PRNU 245; Senior standing.

PRNU 248 - Applied Patho-pharmacology

Integration and application of principles and knowledge gained through the study of pathophysiology and pharmacology. A holistic and lifespan approach will be used in examining the nursing care of clients within all nursing specialties. Prerequisite: Senior standing. Co-requisite: PRNU 243.

PRNU 260 - Chronic Disease Management

Introduces the RN to the multifaceted approach of coordinating care and improving the quality of health for individuals with chronic diseases in the community. Examines programs such as the Blueprint for Health, etc. Prerequisites: PRNU 060, PRNU 111; Nursing Alternative Track major.

PRNU 296 - Advanced Special Topics

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