University of Vermont

UVM Course Directory

Term: Fall 2017

Subject: Professional Nursing

PRNU 060 - Trans to Cntmp Prof Nursing

This course bridges students into the RN-BS-MS program. An emphasis is placed on nursing theory, holistic nursing practice, contemporary issues in nursing and ethical decision-making. Prerequisite: Admission to Alternate Track - VT RN program.

PRNU 110 - Art & Science of Nursing

Ways of knowing that contribute to the professional nurse's understanding of the human experience of health are explored within the context of environment and culture. Pre/co-requisites: One course in Sociology, PSYS 001, ENGS 001.

PRNU 121 - Gerontology

This course emphasizes the challenges of older adults and methods to minimize the risk of morbidity, functional decline and hospitalization. Prerequisite: PRNU 114.

PRNU 128 - Pharmacology

Examination and application of knowledge of pharmacotherapeutic principles to nursing practice. Prerequisites: PRNU 114, CHEM 026, ANPS 020. Pre/co-requisite: NURS 120.

PRNU 129 - Women & Newborn Nurs: Thry&Ptm

Through classroom & practicum experiences, students learn essential nursing interventions for childbearing women, neonates, and families. Prerequisites: PRNU 113, PRNU 114. Co-requisites: PRNU 128, NURS 120.

PRNU 132 - Child & Adoles Nurs:Thry & Ptm

Through classroom and practicum, students learn essential nursing interventions for children/adolescents/ families experiencing health alterations. Prerequisites: PRNU 128, PRNU 129, NURS 120. Pre/co-requisite: PRNU 131.

PRNU 196 - Special Topics

See Schedule of Courses for specific title. Prerequisites: Senior standing; Majors only.

PRNU 197 - Independent Study

A course which is tailored to fit the interests of a specific student, which occurs outside the traditional classroom/laboratory setting under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion. Prerequisite: Agreement from a faculty sponsor and approval by the Baccalaureate Education Committee.

PRNU 234 - Adlt Hlth Nurs II: Thry & Ptm

Through classroom and practicum experiences students learn essential nursing interventions for adults/elders/ families experiencing complex health alterations. Prerequisite: PRNU 134. Pre/co-requisite: PRNU 231.

PRNU 235 - Psych/MH Nurs: Thry & Ptm

Through classroom and practicum experience students learn essential nursing interventions for clients with acute and chronic psychiatric disorders. Prerequisite: PSYS 170. Corequisite: PRNU 131.

PRNU 245 - Public Health Nursing

Focuses on populations at risk and community partnerships. Various issues, models, and concepts that impact the health of populations will be explored. The role of the nurse in community and public health will be emphasized. Prerequisite: PRNU 134. Co-requisite: PRNU 234.

PRNU 265 - Intro Health Care Fin & Policy

This survey course provides an overview of US health care organization, structure, policies, and financing, inclusive of selected international comparisons. Prerequisite: Matriculation in the RN to BS program.