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Term: Spring 2018

Subject: Public Health

PH 196 - Intermediate Special Topics

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PH 303 - Biostatistics I:App Rsch in PH

Biostatistics I (Applied Research Methods in Public Health) includes biostatistics, research designs, and qualitative approaches, and includes emphasis on evaluating research articles in public health. Pre/co-requisites: Bachelor's degree and college-level mathematics course.

PH 304 - Environmental Public Health

Explores major areas of environmental public health (EPH), including environmental hazards, exposures, and related health outcomes, including emerging topics in environmental public health.

PH 306 - Social&Behavioral Public Hlth

This course addresses the behavioral, social and cultural factors related to individual and population health, and health disparities over the life course.

PH 307 - Epidemiology 2

Exposure to advanced epidemiological concepts, such as effect modifications and modeling using multiple variables, related to establishing causal relationships from observational data. Prerequisite: PH 302, PH 303.

PH 308 - Environmental Public Health 2

Students explore public health within the context of natural and human-made environments, and examine methods of practice and emerging environmental health topics. Prerequisite: PH 304.

PH 311 - Global Public Health

This course explores global public health challenges affecting people primarily in developing or resource- constrained coutries. Cultural competency concepts will be embedded. Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree.

PH 317 - Mgmt in Hlth Services&Med Care

Addresses major issues and challenges faced by health services managers relating to established and evolving social, economic, and professional policies in a context of practical problem assessment and appropriate resolution. Cross-listed with: BSAD 331, PA 312.

PH 392 - Culminating Project Experience

Prepares students to apply knowledge and skills in a culminating project experience that reflects research and practice needs of actual populations. Prerequisites: PH 301, PH 302, PH 303, PH 307.

PH 396 - Advanced Special Topics

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