University of Vermont

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Term: Fall 2017

Subject: Physical Education

PEAC 012 - Introduction to Yoga 1-2

Focus on teaching the foundational principles of yoga in a safe, fun, and non-competitive environment. The emphasis will be on building body awareness, connecting movement and breath, alignment and exploration.

PEAC 017 - Military Fitness

Vigorous workout three days a week designed to build both upper body strength and aerobic ability. Classroom participation and a final Army Physical Fitness Test determine student grades. Open to all First-Year/ Sophomore students. Cross-listed with: MS 017. Fall/Spring.

PEAC 018 - Rock Climbing

Basic climbing techniques and holds are taught. Additionally, students learn how to belay and become familiar with climbing etiquette and safety practices.

PEAC 026 - Jogging for Fitness

This course examines cardio-respiratory, fitness, exercise principles, and how to design and evaluate fitness programs/workouts. Additionally, the course emphasizes the importance of life-long exercise.

PEAC 027 - Group Fitness

This course introduces students to a variety of different types of group fitness classes, such as yoga, Pilates, spinning, total body conditioning, and other aerobic clesses.

PEAC 030 - Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Introduces the sport of Stand-Up Paddleboarding. Begins with SUP basics, progresses to more advanced stroke techniques to increase speed and endurance on longer distance and racing.

PEAC 036 - Swimming 1-2

Focuses on the development of stroke technique in order to create, execute, and improve a level-appropriate workout. Introduces the four competitive swim strokes, and two survival strokes.

PEAC 052 - Yoga & Mindfulness

This course introduces students to various yoga poses and techniques, delves into the history of yoga, and provides students with the understanding of how yoga improves one's overall wellness.

PEAC 094 - Squash 1-4

Concentrates on learning the basics of squash. Includes learning the major shots, the rules and positioning in the court. Students will play and concentrate on soft and hard ball squash.

PEAC 099 - Triathlon Training

Prepares students to successfully compete in a Sprint or Olympic distance triathlon and/or improve on their current level of triathlon fitness. Covers basic training principles, heart rate training, technique development, transitions and competitive readiness.

PEAC 115 - Yoga & the Chakras

Explores the chakras, yogic anatomy, and a comprehensive yoga practice to increase awareness and foster overall health and well-being. Practice will include Hatha and Kundalini Yoga to include asanas, pranayama, bhandas, mantra, and meditation.

PEAC 116 - Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training.

PEAC 151 - Hip Hop Dance 1-2

This course is an introduction to hip hop dance that explores several different styles of hip hop as students learn to transfer combinations into fully choreographed dances.

PEAC 153 - Global Dance

This is a survey course designed to explore dance traditions and styles from around the world.