University of Vermont

UVM Course Directory

Term: Fall 2017

Subject: Public Administration

PA 206 - Intro Cont Public Affairs

Contemporary policy issues including government and the economy, the role of leadership, ethical and moral issues in public policy, and other contemporary issues impacting society. Prerequisites: CDAE 100 level course.

PA 301 - Foundations of Public Admin

Survey of major elements of management in the public and nonprofit sectors with special attention given to problems arising from political imperatives generated by a democratic society.

PA 303 - Research & Evaluation Methods

Conceptualization, collection and analysis of primary and secondary data; interpretation, and communication of results of applied research and/or evaluation studies for decision makers. Separate lab required.

PA 305 - Public and Nonprofit Budgeting

A focus on the budget as the primary policy and planning document in public and nonprofit organizations.

PA 311 - Policy Analysis&Program Eval

A seminar providing hands-on knowledge in policy analysis and program evaluation using case studies of current analysis projects and problems. Specific techniques include planning, survey administration, forecasting, cost benefit analysis, and impact assessment.

PA 320 - Local Government Admin

This course is a primer on local government administration in the US using the case method to experience the complexity of the challenges one confronts in the field.

PA 326 - Community Economic Development

Examines how rural and urban communities address poverty, unemployment and other economic problems through job creation and retention, workforce training and support, and other development strategies. Cross-listed with: CDAE 326.

PA 380 - Internship

Supervised administrative experience culminating in a written report.

PA 391 - Master's Thesis Research

Thesis topic must be approved by faculty advisor.

PA 395 - Advanced Special Topics

For advanced students within areas of expertise of the faculty. Varied course offerings. Contemporary topics. Instructor Permission.

PA 397 - Readings & Research

Readings, with conferences, term paper, to provide graduate students with specialized knowledge in an area in which an appropriate course is not offered.