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Term: Fall 2017

Subject: Nutrition and Food Sciences

NFS 033 - What's Brewing in Food Science

This course will explore food science via the production of beer and other fermented beverages. Students will also identify mechanisms to modify their drinking habits.

NFS 043 - Fundamentals of Nutrition

The study of standard guidelines to select foods that maximize human health and the functions of the essential nutrients needed to sustain human life. Prerequisites: High school chemistry and biology.

NFS 044 - Survey of the Field

Nutrition and Food Sciences introduction to the professional field and career opportunities in dietetics, nutrition and food science. Required of all First-Year and transfer students. Fall. Prerequisite: Nutrition and Food Science majors and Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Science majors only, or Instructor permission.

NFS 050 - D2:Cheese and Culture

The history of cheesemaking is used as a lens through which to view current conflicts in European and American attitudes towards foods.

NFS 063 - D2:Obesity:What,Why,What to Do

Introduction to the causes, consequences, and treatment of obesity. Fall.

NFS 073 - D2:SU:Farm to Table: Food Sys

This course provides an introduction to the contemporary food system, focusing on the interdependence of all components, from farm to table.

NFS 113 - Food Policy and Politics

Provides a systems perspective on food policies and politics across the food system. Focuses on understanding the food policy process, policymakers, stakeholders, issues, goals and feedbacks between food policy and politics. Prerequisites: NFS 073 or CDAE 002 or CDAE 004. Cross-listed with: FS 101.

NFS 143 - Nutrition in the Life Cycle

Nutritional needs of people throughout the life cycle. Physiological and environmental factors which affect nutritional status. Designed for Nutrition majors. Prerequisite: NFS 043. Fall.

NFS 163 - Sports Nutrition

Timing and composition of meals for training and pre- and post-competition. Fall/Spring. Prerequisite: NFS 043 or Instructor permission.

NFS 183 - Biochem for Life & Health Sci

Exploring biological processes at the molecular level and how they are controlled. Topics include enzymes, gene expression, and metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. Prerequisites: CHEM 042; or CHEM 141 and CHEM 142; or other acceptable coursework in organic chemistry. Cross-listed with: ASCI 185, BIOC 185, PBIO 185.

NFS 187 - BiochemLab for Life&Health Sci

Introduction to techniques used to explore fundamental biochemistry concepts including enzyme kinetics, lipids, carbohydrate chemistry, and gene expression. Includes spectrophotometry, gel electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry. Pre/Co-requisites: ASCI 185, BIOC 185, NFS 183, PBIO 185. Cross-listed with: ASCI 187, BIOC 187, PBIO 187.

NFS 198 - Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate student work on individual or small team research projects under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion. Prerequisite: Department permission.

NFS 203 - Food Microbiology

Desirable and undesirable activities of bacteria in foods. Mechanisms of food-borne infection and intoxication. Laboratory methods to enumerate and identify microorganisms associated with food. Prerequisite: NFS 153 or Instructor permission. Co-requisite: NFS 213.

NFS 205 - Functional Foods:Prncpl & Tech

Examines the constituents that make food products functional and provides laboratory techniques needed to create a functional food. Pre/co-requisites: NFS 153, NFS 154, or Instructor permission.

NFS 213 - Food Microbiology Lab

Introduces microbiological techniques such as Gram Stain, Streak for Isolation, dilutions, aseptic technique as well as means of identifying the microbial content of food products. Prerequisites: NFS 153, NFS 154, or Instructor permission. Co-requisite: NFS 203.

NFS 223 - Nutrition Educ & Counseling

Use of appropriate education theory, techniques, and media in nutrition education and counseling theories and negotiation, interviewing and counseling skills in individual and group counseling. Pre/co-requisites: NFS Pre/co-requisites: NFS 043, NFS 053, NFS 054, NFS 143.

NFS 253 - Food Regulation

Comprehensive examination of U.S. food laws and regulations and their relationships to the safety of the U.S. food supply. Focus on how food-related laws and regulations are enacted and enforced, through detailed examination of selected food regulation topics. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

NFS 260 - Diet and Disease

Examination of the physiologic, biochemical, and psychosocial basis of several disease states and the application of medical nutrition therapy in treatment. Prerequisite: NFS 053, NFS 143, NFS 243; Senior standing.

NFS 274 - Community Practicum

Professional field experience in a community nutrition organization. Credit negotiable but not to exceed three per semester. Enrollment may be more than once, maximum of six credits. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

NFS 291 - Teaching Assistantship

Undergraduate student service as a teaching assistant, usually in an introductory level course in the discipline, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.

NFS 295 - Advanced Special Topics

Lectures, laboratories, readings, or projects relating to contemporary areas of study. Credits negotiable. Enrollment may be more than once, maximum of twelve hours in NFS 195 and NFS 295 combined. Prerequisite: Department permission.

NFS 296 - Internship

On-site supervised work experience combined with a structured academic learning plan directed by a faculty member or a faculty-staff team in which a faculty member is the instructor of record, for which academic credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion. Prerequisite: Departmental permission.

NFS 310 - MSD Journal Club

Critical review of current scientific, peer-reviewed literature, student-led facilitated discussions, abstract writing on topics related to nutrition, sustainable food systems, hunger and food insecurity, health promotion, chronic disease prevention and management. Prerequisite: Master of Science in Dietetics students only.

NFS 312 - Supervised Practice II

Through lecture, discussion, presentations, and practical experience, students develop competencies in clinical dietetics, community nutrition, and food service management. Prerequisite: Master of Science in Dietetics student.

NFS 360 - Rsch Meth Nutr & Food Sciences

Advanced research methods, including grant preparation, IRB requirements, data analysis and presentation, and selected topics in advanced nutritional and food sciences. Pre/Co-requisite: Instructor permission.

NFS 391 - Master's Thesis Research

Prerequisite: Master of Science in Dietetics student.

NFS 392 - Evidence-based Practice Prjct

On site identification, review of literature for background and possible solutions, data collection and analysis, and writing and presenting the results and conclusions of a research problem. Pre/co-requisites: NFS 360, Pre/co-requisites: NFS 360, MS D student.