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Term: Spring 2018

Subject: Japanese

JAPN 002 - Elementary Japanese II

Continuation of JAPN 001. Prerequisite: JAPN 001 or equivalent.

JAPN 052 - Intermediate Japanese II

Continuation of JAPN 051. Prerequisite: JAPN 051 or equivalent.

JAPN 096 - Introductory Special Topics

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.

JAPN 102 - Advanced Japanese II

Continuation of JAPN 101. Prerequisite: JAPN 101 or equivalent.

JAPN 122 - Japanese Conversation II

Development of functional skills to carry out daily conversation in varied social contexts. Prerequisite: JAPN 052 or equivalent.

JAPN 132 - Kanji is Key II

Kanji character course designed for teaching 500-600 kanji characters in JLPT Levels 3-2 (N3-N2) and also reviewing 300 kanji introduced in JAPN 051/052. Teaches basic pictographs and radicals to predict meanings and readings of kanji characters. Prerequisite: JAPN 131.

JAPN 196 - Intermediate Special Topics

See Schedule of Courses for special titles.

JAPN 202 - Studies of Japanese Texts II

Continuation of JAPN 201. Application of the rapid reading skills developed in JAPN 201 using higher-level reading Prerequisite: JAPN 201 or equivalent. materials. Course can be repeated with different content.

JAPN 222 - Japanese for Communication II

Development of skills to present information and view points in varied social contexts. Repeatable with different content. Prerequisite: JAPN 102 or equivalent.

JAPN 252 - Japanese in Cultural Context 2

Continuing study of Japanese at the advanced level. Utilizes various genres of readings and audiovisual materials. Students will conduct independent research, write a report, and present in Japanese. Prerequisite: JAPN 251.

JAPN 296 - Advanced Special Topics

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