University of Vermont

UVM Course Directory

Term: Fall 2019

Subject: Health Sciences

HSCI 021 - Introduction to Public Health

In this introductory investigation of public health, students will explore the development and scope of the discipline of public health, and issues that have been raised with regard to the practice of public health.

HSCI 102 - Epidemics-Dyn. of Inf. Disease

Through historical and fictional epidemics and pandemics, students will explore how the changing world has impacted the development and spread of infectious disease, and make informed decisions related to infectious disease risk at the personal, clinical, and population level.

HSCI 130 - Health Promotion

An overview of health promotion across the lifespan, from local, national and global perspectives. Examination of the influences on health and risk, strategies to promote health, and evaluation of outcomes. Students will engage in 8-10 hours of service learning.

HSCI 140 - Struct & Finan of US Hlthcare

Organization and financing of the U.S. health care system; discussion of current issues in health reform.

HSCI 160 - Health Communication

Explore basic theories and principles of interpersonal communication in health care contexts with special focus on patient-and-family-centered care (PFCC) across multiple systems of care. Prerequisites: ENGS 001 or equivalent; minimum Sophomore standing.

HSCI 197 - Teaching Assistantship

Undergraduate student service as a teaching assistant, usually in an introductory-level course in the discipline, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.

HSCI 230 - SU:Reading and Eval. Research

Critical reading and analysis of varied types of health literature and research. Examination of research methods and evaluation of published literature viewed through a sustainability framework. Prerequisites: STAT 111 or STAT 141; Health Sciences majors.

HSCI 240 - Project Planning and Eval.

In stages, create a project proposal and evaluation plan for a health-related program. A complete proposal and evaluation plan will be required of each student as the final course outcome. Prerequisites: Health Sciences major; minimum Junior standing.

HSCI 290 - Internship

On-site supervised work experience combined with a structured academic learning plan directed by a faculty member or a faculty-staff team in which a faculty member is the instructor of record, for which academic credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.