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Term: Fall 2017

Subject: Holocaust Studies

HS 139 - Modern Germany

Political, cultural, and social history of Germany from unification in 1871 through the Wilhelmine Empire, Weimar Republic, Nazi era, and post-war period. Prerequisites: Three hours of History. Cross-listed with: HST 139.

HS 180 - Moral&Rel Persp on Holocaust

A study of the Holocaust in relation to questions of moral responsibility, justice, guilt, and human suffering, focusing on Jewish responses. Cross-listed with: REL 180.

HS 190 - The Holocaust

Study of the background, events, and aftermath of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany and Europe under German control. Prerequisite: Three hours of History. Cross-listed with: HST 190.

HS 227 - Seminar in Modern Europe

Topics examining themes in Modern European history and Holocaust Studies. Representative topics: The Holocaust & Memory; Auschwitz; The Holocaust in Poland. May be repeated for credit with different content. Prerequisites: Twelve hours of History; minimum Junior standing. Cross-listed with: HST 227.