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Term: Fall 2019

Subject: Historic Preservation

HP 200 - History American Architecture

Study of architectural history to gain fluency in the stylistic terms so essential to historic preservation and to public support for conserving our architectural heritage. Prerequisites: Admission to the Historic Preservation graduate program; or twelve hours of History and minimum Junior standing.

HP 205 - Historic Preservation Law

Legal issues in conservation of the built environment. Basic legal techniques for protection of historic structures (historic districts, protective legislation, easements, covenants). Study of significant court decisions.

HP 206 - Rschg Historic Structure/Sites

Methods for researching historic structures and sites using archival and physical evidence, deciphering archaic building technologies, and documenting structures through professional reports, architectural photography, measured drawings.

HP 302 - Community Preservation Project

Third-semester graduate students apply developed professionals skills to actual community preservation problems. Projects include strategy development, securing and allocating funds, research, advocacy, and implementation. Prerequisite: Historic Preservation major.

HP 303 - Grad Internship

Participants will devote a semester to preservation within an appropriate institution or agency. Prerequisite: HP 304 or HP 305.

HP 307 - Architectural Conservation II

A continuation of Architectural Conservation I, emphasizing an integrated examination of historic preservation through lectures, seminars, and field and laboratory research projects. Prerequisite: HP 306.

HP 391 - Master's Thesis Research

Total of six hours required.