University of Vermont

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Term: Fall 2019

Subject: Food Systems

FS 101 - U.S. Food Policy and Politics

Provides a systems perspective on U.S. food policies and politics across the food system. Focuses on understanding the U.S. food policy process, policymakers, stakeholders, issues, goals and feedbacks between food policy and politics. Prerequisite: NFS 073 or CDAE 002 or CDAE 004. Cross-listed with: NFS 113.

FS 193 - Food Systems Seminar II

For the final year of the Food Systems major; refines the ability to critically address academic research in the field as well as provides professional development to prepare students for their job field. Prerequisite: FS 093.

FS 345 - Food Systems, Soc & Policy

This course examines key questions being asked about our contemporary food systems by examining social science and humanities scholarship and the applications for public policy.

FS 390 - Internship

On-site supervised work experience combined with a structured academic learning plan directed by a faculty member or a faculty-staff team in which a faculty member is the instructor of record, for which academic credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.

FS 392 - Master's Project Research

Food Systems Professional Track students are required to complete a final project. Students will design a project that must be approved by the Project Faculty Committee.

FS 393 - Independent Study

A course which is tailored to fit the interests of a specific student, which occurs outside the traditional classroom/laboratory setting under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.

FS 491 - Doctoral Dissertation Research

Research requirement (up to 30 research credits) for Food Systems PhD students.