University of Vermont

UVM Course Directory

Term: Fall 2017

Subject: Secondary Education

EDSC 011 - Ed Tech in Sec Ed Classroom

Students are introduced to a variety of uses for information technology in education with particular applications to stimulate and manage a student-centered classroom.

EDSC 192 - Independent Study

A course which is tailored to fit the interests of a specific student, which occurs outside the traditional classroom/laboratory setting under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.

EDSC 207 - Development:Theory & Applctn

Participants in this class examine adolescent developmental and learning theories. A Service Learning requirement allows students to apply understanding in the context of instructional settings. Prerequisites: EDTE 001 or EDFS 002 or instructor permission.

EDSC 209 - Practicum in Teaching

Field-experience in secondary setting. Focus on school culture and student needs while documenting effectiveness in one-on-one teaching. Professional attributes/dispositions are critically assessed. Pre/co-requisite: EDFS 203/EDSC 207.

EDSC 215 - Reading in Secondary Schools

Theory and methods of reading/writing explored in the context of literacy. Focus on reading, writing, speaking and critical thinking across disciplines. Cultural contexts explored. Pre/co-requisites: EDSC 207 and EDSC 209.

EDSC 216 - Curr,Instr&Assmt Sec Schl Tchr

Development of methods related to secondary school teaching. Study and application of constructivist learning theory, differentiation, authentic assessment in planning. Focus on cross-disciplinary collaboration. Co-requisite: EDSC 215.

EDSC 226 - Teaching Internship

Collaboration with professional teachers in design and implementation of effective instruction, with special focus on developing programs in a high school setting. Prerequisite: EDSC 203, EDSC 207, EDSC 209, EDSC 215, EDSC 216, and Special Methods.

EDSC 230 - Teaching for Results

Analysis of planning, curriculum design, teaching, evaluation and classroom management from the perspective of research and practice. Individual tasks culminate in production of a licensure portfolio. Co-requisite: EDSC 226.