University of Vermont

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Term: Fall 2017

Subject: Leadership and Policy Studies

EDLP 300 - Leading Learning Organizations

Course topics include the roles, functions, relationships and responsibilities in creating learning communities; leadership values, styles and behavior; trends and issues that impact organizations. Prerequisites: Graduate standing or Instructor permission.

EDLP 350 - Survey Research Methods

This course introduces survey research design, implementation and planning processes.

EDLP 380 - Professional Problems in Educ

Designed to cover selected educational problems in depth. The major emphasis will be on intensive and critical analysis of the literature and practice in a given area.

EDLP 390 - Internship

Students will undertake an approved internship in an institution which reflects the particular area of interest and needs of the student. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

EDLP 391 - Master's Thesis Research

Thesis topic must be approved by a faculty committee.

EDLP 397 - Problems in Education

Individual work on a research problem selected by the student in consultation with a staff member. Prerequisites: Twelve hours in education and related areas; endorsement by a sponsoring faculty member.

EDLP 409 - Applied Educational Research

Introduction to philosophical and methodological foundations of interpretive and empirical-analytic research with emphasis on systems change. Preparation of critical readers and synthesizers of research studies. Prerequisite: Doctoral level standing.

EDLP 431 - Adv Sem Organizational Ldrshp

Students inquire into new theories on leadership and the cognitive processes that define the intentions, values, beliefs, and future perspectives of themselves as leaders. Prerequisite: Doctoral level standing.