University of Vermont

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Term: Fall 2019

Subject: Counseling

EDCO 320 - Dev. Perspectives in CNSLNG

Survey of major theories of human development and application of theoretical concepts from a counseling perspective. Prerequisite: Counseling major or Instructor permission.

EDCO 344 - Modalities: Couns Child & Adol

Study of the practice of counseling children and adolescents using behavioral and cog-behavior theory, narrative theory and practice, and play therapies. Prerequisites: Counseling majors and concurrent with internship or Instructor permission.

EDCO 350 - Prof Issues in Counseling

A seminar in which professional, ethical, and legal issues facing counselors in schools and mental health settings are addressed through reading, research, presentation, and discussion. Prerequisite: Graduate standing or Instructor permission.

EDCO 374 - Counseling Theory & Practice

Theoretical and practical approach to understanding the counseling process. Refinement of personal philosophy, theory of counseling, and implementation in practice. Prerequisite: Graduate standing or Instructor permission.

EDCO 375 - Lab Experience in Counseling

Students learn and practice basic counseling skills and techniques. Videotaped practice sessions are supervised by course instructor. Prerequisite: EDCO 374. Counseling majors only.

EDCO 388 - Family and Couples Counseling

Theory and process of counseling with families and couples including family theory and family therapy orientations and intervention skills. Includes practice of counseling interventions. Prerequisites: EDCO 220, EDCO 374, EDCO 375, EDCO 377, EDCO 392, or Instructor permission.

EDCO 389 - Counseling Internship

A supervised experience in counseling in a field (school or mental health) setting. Prerequisites: Counseling majors only and EDCO 220, EDCO 350, EDCO 374, EDCO 375, EDCO 392, EDCO 363, EDCO 340, and EDCO 361. .

EDCO 393 - Adv Group:Theory and Practice

Group leadership skills are developed, practiced, and refined through in-class and laboratory experiences that focus on live group supervision, theory, feedback exchange, and ethical issues. Prerequisites: EDCO 220, EDCO 374, EDCO 375, EDCO 377, EDCO 392 and permission of the Instructor.