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Term: Fall 2019

Subject: Classics

CLAS 022 - Etymology

The study of English vocabulary derived from Greek and Latin. Topics include analysis of word formation, historical and comparative linguistics, and international scientific terminology.

CLAS 042 - Mythology

Greek myth in literature, art, and music from antiquity to modern times. No prerequisites. Spring semester. Cross-listed with: WLIT 042.

CLAS 095 - Special Topics

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CLAS 140 - Texts and Transformations

Multidisciplinary survey of seminal Greek and Latin texts in various genres and their reception in later periods in many media, including literature, criticism, philosophy, music, theater, television, and film. Prerequisite: Minimum Sophomore standing.

CLAS 163 - Stoicism

Primary texts of Greek and Roman Stoics (Zeno, Chrysippus, Epictetus, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius) form the backbone of this course, which concentrates on Stoic ethics, psychology, and epistemology, but also covers physics and logic, as well Stoic influence on modern thought. Prerequisite: Three credit hours in Philosophy, or in Classics, Latin, or Greek.

CLAS 195 - Intermediate Special Topics

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