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Term: Fall 2019

Subject: Chinese

CHIN 001 - Elementary Chinese I

A study of Mandarin Chinese designed to give students the fundamentals of the sound and writing systems for developing modern Chinese communicative skills. No prior knowledge expected.

CHIN 051 - Intermediate Chinese I

A continuation of CHIN 002 designed to give students more basic Chinese grammar and vocabulary for daily communication purposes. Prerequisite: CHIN 002 or equivalent.

CHIN 101 - 3rd Year College Chinese I

A continuation of CHIN 052 designed with structured readings with emphasis on complex sentence structures, vocabulary expansion, and increased fluency in self-expression. Prerequisite: CHIN 052 or equivalent.

CHIN 201 - 4th Year College Chinese I

A continuation of CHIN 102 designed to improve oral and written proficiency through reading, discussing, and writing about modern Chinese prose writings. Prerequisites: CHIN 102 or equivalent.