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Term: Spring 2018

Subject: Biomedical Engineering

BME 001 - Intro to Biomedical Eng Design

Introduction to the biomedical engineering profession. Hands-on experiences that emphasize interdisciplinary teamwork, technical communications, and project design methodologies. Co-requisite: ENGR 002.

BME 081 - Biomedical Eng Lab I

Laboratory experiments pertaining to biomedical instrumentation and biomechanics. Computer-based modeling of biological networks.

BME 152 - Spring BME Workshop

Seminars, lab tours and hands-on experiences to provide biomedical context to concurrently taken engineering courses. Engineering design process. Researching and defining Capstone Design projects. Prerequisite: BME 151.

BME 188 - Capstone Design II

Cumulative, team-based interdisciplinary design experience. Subsystem design, implementation, and test. System integration and test. Project demonstration, report, and presentation. Team-directed lab work. Prerequisite: BME 187.

BME 199 - Cooperative Ed Experience

On-site, full-time, supervised work experience in biomedical engineering or related field appropriate for sophomore or junior levels that also satisfies the overall educational objectives defined by the CEMS Engineering Co- op Program. Prerequisite: Sophomore or Junior; Biomedical Engineering major.

BME 296 - Special Topics

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