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Term: Fall 2019

Subject: Astronomy

ASTR 005 - Exploring the Cosmos

Survey of ancient astronomy, planets and moons, stars and their evolution, galaxies and quasars, and Big-Bang cosmology. Includes night sky observations.

ASTR 023 - Astr Lab I:Measuring the Sky

Measurements of the properties of the planets, stars, and galaxies using graphical analysis, computer simulations and photographs. Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment or credit in ASTR 005.

ASTR 155 - The Big Bang

Ancient cosmologies, beginning of time, origin of matter, cosmic background radiation, antimatter and dark matter, the expanding universe and origin of structure. Prerequisites: ASTR 005; MATH 010 or equivalent.

ASTR 157 - Stars & Galaxies

Instruments and observations. Stars and their evolution. Black holes and compact objects. The interstellar medium. Relativity and galactic structure and galaxy formation. Prerequisites: ASTR 005; MATH 010 or equivalent.