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Term: Fall 2019

Subject: American Sign Language

ASL 001 - American Sign Language I

Introduction of American Sign Language with emphasis on visual receptive and expressive use including facial expressions and gestures. Elements of the Deaf Culture are explored.

ASL 002 - American Sign Language II

Discusses concepts and principles: advanced vocabulary, grammar patterns, use of space/modulation of signs for time/location. Further explores Deaf Culture. Prerequisites: ASL 001 or CMSI 001 or equivalent.

ASL 051 - American Sign Language III

Stresses fluency of expressive and receptive skills for conversational competence. Introduces increasingly complex grammatical aspects. In-depth study of Deaf Culture. Prerequisites: ASL 002 or CMSI 002 or equivalent.

ASL 052 - American Sign Language IV

Expansion of ASL III. Intended to refine competence in receptive and expressive abilities through exposure to stylistic and regional ASL renditions. Deaf Community involvement. Prerequisites: ASL 051 or CMSI 051 or equivalent.

ASL 101 - American Sign Language V

Designed to increase students' ASL proficiency. Emphasis on grammatical and linguistic aspects of ASL, including ASL morphology, ASL syntax, pronominalization, classifiers, agreement verbs, pluralization, time concepts, and sociolinguistic aspects of Deaf people. Prerequisite: ASL 052.

ASL 120 - D2: Understanding Deaf Culture

Provides students a comprehensive orientation to Deaf communities as linguistic and cultural minorities. Students will explore various aspects of American Deaf culture.