University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Courses in Surgery

SURG 195 - EMT - Basic
Credits: 1-6.
SURG 196 - EMT - Basic
Credits: 1-6.
SURG 197 - EMT - Intermediate
Credits: 3.
SURG 198 - EMT - Intermediate
Credits: 3.
SURG 200 - Emergency Medicine Research I
Introduction to research in emergency medicine with a laboratory focusing on human subjects research in the emergency department. Prerequisites: Junior status or Instructor permission; completion of mandatory hospital training at least one month before semester.
Credits: 3.
SURG 201 - Emergency Medicine Research II
Advanced discussion and research training in emergency medicine with continued emergency department-based human subjects laboratory. Prerequisite: SURG 200.
Credits: 3.
SURG 220 - Adv Topics Emerg Med Research
Emergency medicine research under guidance of a faculty member. Prerequisites: SURG 200, SURG 201 and/or faculty permission.
Credits: 3-6.
SURG 295 - Advanced Special Topics
See Schedule of Courses for specific titles. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.
Credits: 1-6.
SURG 301 - Immunity and Host Defense
and BIOL 002 or equivalent. This course will cover aspects of the immune system that are necessary to understand the complex interactions between pathogen and host. Prerequisites: BIOL 001
Credits: 3.