University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Ecological Design (Certificate of Graduate Study)


The Ecological Design certificate is currently not accepting students.

Ecological Design is the process of integrating humans with the rest of nature in order to create a sustainable and desirable future. Ecological Design employs transdisciplinary integration, creative synthesis, and true participatory problem-solving to understand and resolve increasingly complex issues. The emphasis of the Certificate of Graduate Study in Ecological Design is on problem-based learning in ecology, engineering, natural resources, and community development. The approach is to develop applied and interdisciplinary solutions which integrate the ecological, social, economic, and built capitals.

The Certificate of Graduate Study in Ecological Design requires fifteen credits including four core courses and one approved elective. Students must demonstrate competency in Ecosystem Ecology, Graphic Communications, and Ecological Economics either through additional course work, transferring credits in, or life experience. Students may earn the certificate either in conjunction with a UVM master’s or doctoral degree, or independent of a degree.