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2013-2014 Catalogue

School of Business Administration (BSAD)

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The University of Vermont
School of Business Administration
Student Services
101 Kalkin Hall
55 Colchester Avenue
Burlington, VT 05405-0158

Phone: (802) 656-4015
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The School of Business Administration at the University of Vermont prepares students to be business leaders in a complex and dynamic global environment. To accomplish this, we cultivate awareness of the importance of creating sustainable businesses that value ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities. We infuse innovation and leadership in our curriculum, and develop graduates who are skilled at identifying problems and opportunities, and who make decisions based on adept analysis. Our faculty strive to achieve teaching excellence, promote thought leadership, and advance management practice.

The faculty and staff are committed to developing leaders prepared for a dynamic, global workplace.

Learning Goals and Objectives

  1. Learning Goal: Awareness of Sustainable Business Practices
    1. Understanding of how businesses maximize shareholder value over the long run with leaders who are innovative, and who manage interactions across the economic, social, environmental and political spheres.
    2. Understanding of the role of innovation in creating better products, services, or processes.
  2. Learning Goal: Global and Civic Awareness
    1. Understanding of global issues in a business context
    2. Understanding of the non-market environment of business
  3. Learning Goal: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    1. Ability to solve business problems by acquiring, interpreting, and synthesizing data
  4. Learning Goal: Business Communication Skills
    1. Ability to demonstrate effective written communication skills
    2. Ability to demonstrate effective oral communication skills
  5. Learning Goal: Business Fundamentals
    1. Demonstrate command of business fundamentals

During their first two years, students build the conceptual and analytical base for studying the art and science of management. They partially complete general education requirements and learn required skills for upper level business courses. Students take Business Field courses and/or Interdisciplinary Theme courses in the junior year and Interdisciplinary Theme or Business Concentration courses in their junior and senior years.

The School of Business Administration cooperates with the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences in offering a B.S. in Engineering Management. The school offers two minors: a minor in Accounting, and a minor in Business Administration.

The undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the school are accredited by AACSB International: The International Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

The offices of the School of Business Administration are located in Kalkin Hall.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with interdisciplinary themes of:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Business
  • Sustainable Business


Students planning to transfer to the School of Business Administration from another college or school on campus must meet the prerequisite requirements. Internal Transfer applicants must complete MATH 019 and MATH 020 (Calculus I and II) and EC 011 and EC 012 (Macro and Micro Economics) before being considered for transfer. Applications may be obtained in Student Services, 101 Kalkin Hall or online: BSAD Student Services.


Students are presumed to have basic microcomputer literacy, including working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet software. Students lacking this basic knowledge are responsible for attaining it through course work, self study, tutorials or workshops.


Students are asked to purchase a portable computer and the software suite that meets the requirements of the School of Business Administration.