University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Interdisciplinary Study of Disabilities (ISD) (Certificate of Graduate Study)


The Certificate of Graduate Study in ISD provides education, social services, healthcare professionals, and individuals with disabilities and their family members, access to a cohesive and relevant course of studies to enhance their education and instructional needs in disability studies. The certificate includes a total of eighteen credits, nine in core courses and nine in approved elective courses. Two options are offered:

  1. Establish a general understanding of disabilities and of interdisciplinary practices across disciplines;
  2. Combine core courses with the focused study of a specific disability or related practice area.

Specific Requirements

The Certificate of Graduate Study in the ISD requires eighteen credits including three required courses (nine credits) and three elective courses (nine credits).

The one required course for all students enrolled in the certificate is:

Depending on the chosen field of study, students work with their graduate and/or the coordinator of this certificate program to identify two other required courses and three electives (nine credits).

Additional information about this program in the ISD is available from the Certificate of Graduate Study Link out of catalogue site. website.