University of Vermont

2013-2014 Catalogue

Civil and Environmental Engineering (Accelerated Masters Program)

General Requirements

Specific Requirements

Qualified undergraduate students who plan to earn a master's degree in civil and environmental engineering may enroll in the Accelerated Master’s Program, which enables students to begin working on a master's degree while still an undergraduate. Students apply to the program in the second semester of their junior year. Upon entering the program, students may take up to nine graduate credits before conferral of the B.S. degree and no later than August before the start of their senior year. Of these, a maximum of six credits can be counted toward both the B.S. and the M.S. degrees, subject to approval of the student's graduate advisor. Students in the program typically begin work toward their master's thesis starting in the summer following their junior year.

To apply to the program, students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.20 at the time of application, must submit a letter of application to the Graduate Program coordinator naming a faculty member who has agreed to serve as their graduate advisor and list the courses proposed for graduate credit. Applicants must also complete the Graduate College application.

Students pursuing an M.S. degree in civil and environmental engineering may choose either a thesis or non-thesis based program.